Branded Utility: Journaling and Coaching App


A group of dermatologists created a natural, steroid-free, treatment for Psoriasis and Eczema. The treatment works great, but in order for it to work patients need to maintain a regimen of disciplined use for at least 12 weeks, a longer timeline than many other treatments that involved steroids.


We proposed a journaling/coaching app that could help a patient track and visualize their progress with the product. We worked with client for a short sprint to define, sketch and develop an alpha prototype they could use to test with a group of existing customers their research team recruited.


User stories were written and agreed upon from the perspectives of the app users, the coaches, the app admins, and the brand.

User Stories Example.png

Those stories were used to help inform whiteboarding sessions to sketch out and then formalize flows for first time users to the app who needed appropriate onboarding vs. returning visitors to journal and look for coaching advice.

2016-05-19 12.06.02.jpg

1st time opening app flow

Journaling and data visualization management flow

Journaling and data visualization management flow

From there we looked at the information architecture of the app...

app map.png

Sketched out wireframe concepts...

And put together a rough prototype to test our thinking and present to client before moving into developing the alpha phase of the app.


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